Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day Celebrations in New York City 2012

I celebrated May day running around the city with the banner in support of the Guatemalan victims of non-consensual U.S medical experiments. I was at the Stop and Frisk trial in Manhattan Criminal Court with Princeton Professor Cornell West, and spoke to him about the Guatemalan experiments and Ireland. I then went to Union Square for May Day celebrations with my fellow Veterans For Peace brothers. Hundreds of photos were taken of the banner. I ran into a Spanish television crew who are interested in covering the issue. I was approached by a friend of the Wellesley College professor who discovered the Guatemalan file on the experiments - they took pictures and took a flier to give to her. I also had a remarkable conversation with a woman who said she was a friend of Dr. Cutler who carried out the experiments she told me that he never mentioned the experiments to anyone, and she was amazed to learn about them. Just another day in New York City.