Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The McDeparted

This is a picture and vid of my brother Thomas and myself as extras in the 2006 Oscar best picture of the year with Best Director Scorsese. We are walking by a candy store in Greenpoint Brooklyn as Jack Nicholson looks over at us. This was supposed to be a scene in Boston. Scorsese had a Boston Globe newspaper truck going by at the time as the young Matt Damon is walking the street. The hand in the scene does not belong to Nicholson - we watched three hand doubles trying to be chosen for the honor.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


On Sat August 27th from 1pm till 2, I will be giving The Sorry State of the Union of yellow cab driving in New York City, on 99.5fm WBAI radio show Radio Free Eireann. I will be covering the ongoing taxi wars between the Bloomberg administration and yellow cab drivers. We will have on members of the Taxi Workers Alliance and one of the owners of the taxi garage that I work for. We will discuss the new bill going through the New York State Legislature. In addition, we will discuss the destruction of the yellow cab driving industry and talk about the minister of bike and bus lanes, Genghis Khan. These are the bike lanes that no one actually uses, and the bus lanes that we can't use but help pay for with a $.50 surcharge on every trip.We will be discussing this reprehensible flyer that was put up in a yellow taxi garage in Long Island city. You can listen to the show on WBAI.org


I took these photographs at the corner of 12th St. and Avenue A on the lower East side. It used to be the drug dealers of the lower East side ate it's young, now it's the entire city doing it.