Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The American and English covers of the book.

In October of 2007, Stephen Fry began filming a BBC documentary about traveling the United States in a London taxi. If you were from out-of-town, and filming about taxi driving in NYC, who would you turn to? Yes - that's right, Stephen and I spent the day discovering NYC from the perspective of a yellow cab driver. Of course, when there was a request for NYC characters, I was only too happy to provide. After driving through some of the many rich ethnic neighborhoods of NY, we wound our way to more familiar territory - Middle Village Queens, neighborhood of my birth, and not a few "social clubs." The 6 hour documentary, which was the number 1 show on the BBC for a time, and number 2 show in Australia, should be broadcast in the metro area in the near future. The book, documenting the trip across the states, is currently on sale in most bookstores, including Idewilde Bookstore on 19th Street and 5th Avenue, where I caught up with Stephen again last night. The following are pictures from my day with Stephen Fry.

The coverage in Ireland when the BBC aired the documentary The Tyrone Constitution and The Sunday Tribune

Stephen Fry and I start a long day's journey through the streets of New York City

Stephen Fry pulls up in front of the club

Fry and me outside the club

The boys welcome Fry

Some of the boys waiting for Fry

Fry laughing at the stories

Mikey"Big Time" explaining the neighborhood

Davey the bookie giving Fry the odds

Stephen Fry floats through New York City in his black hack