Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Helmed by "Saturday Night Live" alum Laura Kightlinger and produced by Jack Black, this hourlong exposé chronicles -- warts and all -- the life of comedian turned activist Randy Credico, an up-and-coming funnyman whose candor tanked his career. But the end of his showbiz days didn't stop him: He switched gears and became a mouthpiece for various causes, including the fight against New York's draconian drug laws. Credico's peers and ex-girlfriends weigh in with insights.This documentary is about the political life of Randy Credico.It is also a Fundraiser and petition drive to help Randy Credico get on the Democratic primary, to run against Charles Schumer for the U.S Senate.So if you can't sign a check then come and sign the petition. It will be aired at Connolly' s pub 121w 45th Street between 6th Ave and Broadway on Sat June 26th from 5pm till 7pm.


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