Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I am now the campaign manager for Randy Credico's 2010 senate run against Chuck Schumer. Why is a New York City yellow cab driver running a senatorial campaign? In addition to mastering the art of negotiating NYC traffic, I have a long history of political activism and media expertise. I have been a producer at WBAI radio for over 20 years, working on the weekly Radio Free Eireann broadcast, as well as dozens of special broadcasts, including shows that featured veterans and cab drivers. I was also been the Editor of The Irish People Newspaper, a weekly national newspaper.

As an army veteran, I have a strong interest in veteran's affairs, and am a member of Veterans Against The War. As people who read this blog already know, I work with the Taxi Worker's Alliance on various labor issues, and was an organizer of the benefit for the cab driver who was shot and blinded by a passenger last year. I also worked closely with Grandpa Al Lewis during his bid for Governor of New York State, and was a public relations adviser to the campaign to elect Peggy O'Hara, who ran for local office in Derry Ireland to honor the memory of her son Patsy O'Hara who died on the 1981 hunger strike. I also served as United Nations observer during the 1990 election in Nicaragua.


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