Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Randy addressing the volunteers at the Yippie Museum last night talking about his policies.

1. End Policy of Visa Denial to Irish Republicans
Visas to enter the United States are routinely denied to politicians, authors and activists who have voiced differing points of view on the Irish peace process. The decades old visa denial policy should not be used to stop the open exchange of ideas. Debate from all points of view that would educate and inform should be encouraged, whether it be at speaking engagements in colleges and universities, congressional hearings, or local book signings.

2. Conduct Hearings on Shell Oil Company's Corrib Gas Project
The Corrib Gas Project is directed by a consortium of companies led by Royal Dutch Shell, which owns Shell Oil, a company incorporated in the United States. The Corrib Gas Project is drilling oil off the coast of County Mayo, and pumping it in an unrefined state through an inhabited area to a refinery. Instead of processing the gas at sea, as is the industry standard, the use of a land based refinery creates a hazard for the people of the area, as well as the environment.
In preparation for the construction of the refinery, already half a million ton of peat have been excavated. This has disturbed the rich aluminum deposits under the bog, which has in turn polluted the drinking water of Carrowmore Lake. As well as being the primary source of drinking water for over 10,000 people, the lake is of considerable ecological value because of the intact blanket bog surrounding the lake, which provides habitats for plants and animals, including several important bird species.
In addition, waste chemicals, including lethal substances such as lead, nickel, arsenic, mercury and radioactive gas radon, from the proposed refinery would be pumped into Broadhaven Bay. This bay is important to cetaceans and other marine animals as it is a breading and rearing area for whales and dolphins, and contains foraging habitats for numerous marine mammal species, plankton feeding basking sharks and seabirds.
British Petroleum has permanently scarred the coast of the United States by the catastrophic oil leak into the Gulf of Mexico. While a lack of regulation failed to protect the people of Louisiana, there is no reason for the people of Mayo to suffer a similar fate.


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