Saturday, January 21, 2012

Colin Duffy Irish Republican Released from Prison Again

Colin Duffy was acquitted of the killings of two British soldiers at Massereene British army base in Antrim Ireland.
The Irish Republican, from Lurgan, was freed from custody on Friday after a judge said prosecutors had failed to prove he was involved in the attack.

His co-accused, Brian Shivers, from Magherafelt, was found guilty and was jailed for life.

"I consider that there is insufficient evidence to satisfy me beyond reasonable doubt, the judge said on Friday, sitting in his last trial before retiring.

"And I therefore find him not guilty."

Duffy, sporting the long beard he has grown during his time on a no-wash protest while being held on remand in Maghaberry prison, was later hustled into a waiting car in a bid to avoid loyalist protestors gathered outside the court complex.

He made no immediate comment to reporters asking for his reaction to the not guilty verdict.

Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21, were killed outside Massereene British Army barracks on 7 March 2009.

The young soldiers, along with their 38 Engineers regiment, were due to be deployed to Afghanistan early the next day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its an absoulte joke its just shows how much cowards are in the ira opening fire on two unarmed service men i myself have just left the british army recently and think this is a
Horrific deal for the familys to go through considering these soliders had nothing to do with the troubles in northern ireland. I was once told by a friend from northern ireland that they dont target the person they target the queens uniform so why then target ex service personel who no longer bear this uniform
Cause they are a easy target cowards the lot of them

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

I hope the victims acquired justice.The killer should be put on jail.

10:48 AM  
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