Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chilling in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

After taking three drunk hipsters from the lower East side to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I came upon this gentleman who set up home at a bus stop on Metropolitan Avenue. Now we can look at this three different ways, he is waiting for the Q 54 bus which doesn't run that frequently at five in the morning on Sunday, that it was cooler their than his his apartment in this hundred degree weather , or his wife kicked that dog to the be the judge.


Blogger Kenneth sullivan said...

With this broken economy expect to see more folks sleeping in the streets. I was pissed that Obama didn't ask for a larger stimulus. Even if the GOP rejected it he could have used the rejection now to say "I Told You So". Also, he says he didn't know how broken the economy was. Perhaps, if he had some Krugman's and Stieglitz's instead of Geithner and Summers in his cabinet he would passed policies which would have helped the millions of unemployed workers instead of saving the asses of the Wall Street-banking establishment. Last, all the GOP candidates sadly don't have clue on how to create decent jobs. So I think that guy in your photo is a harbinger of things to come.

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