Thursday, May 19, 2011

The charges read against the Queen in NYC

Here stands before you Elizabeth Windsor, better known as Queen Elizabeth, ruler of Great Britain. The British Monarchy has had a long and ugly history with Ireland and her Irish-American descendants. As early as 1260, the British Monarchy has laid claim to Irish land. The Penal Laws enacted by England in 1695 and 1729 stripped the Irish of all their rights, dignity and heritage, by prohibiting Gaelic Irish from owning land, voting, serving in public office, practicing their religion, or getting an education.
By 1845, absentee English landlords – given Irish land by the British monarchy – were demanding that the managers of their estates collect money from the farmers who were renting the land. When the potato blight spread through Ireland, English landowners continued to export grain, while watching the Irish people starve. The British Monarchy did nothing – did not control the exporting of grain, did not provide additional seed potatoes, did not provide food or assistance for those who were starving. Instead they created workhouses, destroyed families, allowed coffin ships – which left ports controlled by the monarchy without enough food to feed all the passengers for the entire voyage – to export thousands of sick, starving Irish people to other countries. The ancestors of hundreds of thousands of Irish Americans arrived in this country barely alive – with nothing more than the clothes on their back and the memories of loved ones left behind.
The British monarchy used Irish people as cannon fodder for the British Army in World War 1 – and forced them to fight against their own countrymen who were fighting to free their country from British rule in 1916.
Now, in this time of economic devastation, instead of offering reparation for the theft of land and the death or exile of millions, the British monarchy, in the person of Queen Elizabeth, has decided to “pay a visit” to Ireland. This state visit will cost the Irish people hundreds of thousands of euros – money that they don’t have to spend. While again thousands of Irish are forced to emigrate because they cannot support themselves in Ireland, the British monarchy expects the Irish people to pay for her security as she prances around Ireland, viewing the graves that she created.
Here, in solidarity with the Irish citizens who have protested her visit – and used the opportunity to list her family’s centuries of crimes - we add our list of charges against the crown.
1. Theft of Property – taking Irish land from Irish people.

2. Labor Trafficking – creating a system of bonded servitude, where farmer/tenants paid huge rents and received little or no profit from their labor.

3. Criminally Negligent Homicide and Reckless Endangerment – exporting grain from Ireland while watching hundreds of thousands of people starve. Allowing coffin ships to leave port overcrowded, without adequate food supply, guaranteeing the death of Irish passengers.

4. Attempted genocide – attempting to destroy the Irish people’s language, religion, culture, education and means of sustenance.


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