Wednesday, November 21, 2007


November 21, 2007 -- A hit-and-run driver who fatally mowed down a cabbie on the Upper East Side was busted early today in Pennsylvania, police sources said.
The suspect, Luis Flores, 24, barricaded himself inside a residence when Pennsylvania authorities arrived to take him into custody after the NYPD had learned of his whereabouts, sources said.

Two detectives from the 19th Precinct traveled to Pennsylvania to bring him back to New York. Charges were pending against him.

Early Monday morning, the suspect and a female passenger got into a dispute with taxi driver Mohamed El Waleed, 44, at East 65th Street and Madison Avenue after their cars collided near Central Park, police and witnesses said.

El Waleed pulled over, stepped out of his cab and waved his hands to get the other driver to stop and exchange insurance information, cops said.

But the other driver didn't have the proper paperwork and repeatedly tried to flee by driving his Nissan around El Waleed, who kept blocking his path, sources said.

Finally, the Nissan ran over the cabbie, pinning him underneath the car, cops said.

The driver and his female passenger fled, but police soon caught her. No charges have been filed against her. of NYP Holdings, Inc.


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